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Because at IFR ACADEMY we are highly committed to achieving excellence in Aesthetic Medicine. Anatomical knowledge, the application of the appropriate technique and the selection of scientifically endorsed products are essential tools that act as the basis for achieving our goal: to enable you to offer cutting-edge medical-aesthetic treatments, with maximum safety and in accordance with the results that both you and your patients desire.

All training is face-to-face and personalized and given by Dr. Isidro F. Rebelo.


aesthetic medicine courses


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Only through the correct knowledge of the anatomical changes underlying the aging process can we achieve a correct diagnosis of the patient's needs, adapting the technique and choosing the product with the most advantageous characteristics for the most natural result.

Enhance Your Skills: Professional Aesthetic Medicine Courses in Alicante

Are you a medical professional seeking to expand your skillset and career opportunities? Look no further than Alicante, Spain! This vibrant city offers a thriving medical community and is a prime location to pursue professional aesthetic medicine courses.

Dr. Isidro Ferreira Rebelo, a leading figure in the field, offers exceptional aesthetic medicine training in Alicante. These aesthetic medicine courses are designed to equip you with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to excel in this dynamic and growing field.

Why Choose Dr. Isidro Ferreira Rebelo's Aesthetic Medicine Courses in Alicante?

Dr. Isidro is a highly respected aesthetic medicine practitioner with extensive experience. His courses are designed and delivered by a true expert, ensuring you receive the most up-to-date knowledge and industry insights.

These aesthetic medicine courses in Alicante provide a comprehensive curriculum, covering essential theoretical foundations, practical techniques, and hands-on experience. This ensures you gain a well-rounded understanding of the field.

Our courses prioritize practical training. You’ll have the opportunity to develop your skills under the guidance of experienced instructors, ensuring you feel confident and prepared to apply your knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

If you're a medical professional passionate about aesthetics, Dr. Isidro Ferreira Rebelo's aesthetic medicine courses in Alicante can be your gateway to success. Contact us today to discuss your training goals and explore the available courses. Embark on a rewarding journey in aesthetic medicine and unlock a world of exciting career possibilities in beautiful Alicante!


aesthetic medicine treatments


aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine treatments are much more than a set of cosmetic procedures. It is a medical discipline

hair grafting

Unlike conventional aesthetic treatments that seek to improve the appearance in the short-medium term, medical treatments are more effective in the short-medium term.

Regenerative aesthetic medicine

Unlike conventional aesthetic treatments that seek to improve the appearance in the short-medium term, medical treatments are more effective in the short-medium term.