Perfect Buttock Without Surgery

Perfect Buttock Without Surgery: Our Exclusive Hybrid Technique

Achieve smooth, lifted and shapely buttocks with our revolutionary hybrid buttock rejuvenation and augmentation technique that is completely free of surgery.

Benefits of Non Surgical Buttock Augmentation:

- Natural and discreet results that respect your anatomy

- Fuller, tighter and lifted buttock

- Hybrid Filling Technique

- Painless and quick procedure performed under local anesthesia

- Zero downtime - get back to your routine right away

- Visible effects from the first session

Our Exclusive Hybrid Gluteal Sculpting Technique:

Combining the expertise of our specialists with the latest in biotechnology, we have developed a pioneering technique. Through our "Hybrid Butt Sculpting" we blend the highest quality hyaluronic acid with fat extracted from your own body during the procedure.

In this way, we can create a unique blend that we then strategically inject into your buttock. Autologous fat provides volume, while hyaluronic acid enhances smoothness and elasticity. In addition, the cross-linked substance keeps the buttock, lifted and shaped to perfection.

This unique technique ensures maximum benefits, optimal results and maximum durability. Our patients obtain voluminous, youthful and completely natural buttocks without undergoing surgery.

Don't spend another day dissatisfied with the appearance of your buttocks. Call us today for a free evaluation and start enjoying the confidence of a sculpted figure.

Buttock Augmentation In Alicante: Get The Dream Figure With Dr. Isidro Ferreira Rebelo

Do you want to show off more voluminous and shapely buttock? Dr. Isidro Ferreira Rebelo, a renowned plastic surgeon in Alicante, offers you safe and effective solutions for buttock augmentation.

Increase Your Confidence With Buttock Augmentation

Buttocks with more volume and shape can significantly improve your silhouette and make you feel more confident and attractive. At Dr. Isidro F. Rebelo's clinic, we will explore with you the options to achieve the buttock augmentation you want in Alicante.

What Is Buttock Augmentation?

There are two main techniques to increase the size and shape of the buttock:

  • Buttock implants: Specially designed silicone prostheses are placed to offer natural and long-lasting results.
  • Autologous fat transfer: Liposculpture that extracts fat from unwanted areas of your body and injects it into the buttocks to give them volume.

Who Is A Candidate For Buttock Augmentation?

Dr. Isidro F. Rebelo will individually evaluate your case to determine if you are a candidate for buttock augmentation. In general, this type of procedure may be suitable for healthy adults who want to improve the aesthetics of their buttock and have realistic expectations.

Benefits Of Buttock Augmentation:

  • Increase in volume and projection of the glutes.
  • Improvement of the shape and contour of the buttock.
  • Greater balance and body proportion.
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem.

Take The First Step Towards Impact Glutes

If you are considering a buttock augmentation in Alicante, we invite you to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Isidro Ferreira Rebelo. In a comfortable and professional environment, you will be able to learn about the options available to achieve the figure you want and feel more confident than ever.